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Neram Online NATA coaching center in chennai app store
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Neram Online NATA coaching center in chennai app store
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Neram Online NATA coaching center in chennai app store
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1Which Exam should I learn to become Architect?

For pursuing architecture course in India, you must have qualified in NATA ( National Aptitude Test for Architecture ). All colleges which act under state government accept NATA score as eligibility for getting admission in state government college. For colleges which come under the Central government of India, like NITs and IITs, JEE Paper 2 Exam will be conducted.

IITs & NITs will not take students based on NATA score since NATA is conducted by council of Architecture in India while JEE Mains Exam is conducted by MHRD - India ( Ministry of Human resource and development )

2 Can I prepare only for NATA ?

Yes, Students can prepare only for the nata exam and get admission in State government colleges. As an expert in this field we advise students to prepare for both JEE Paper 2 & NATA exams simultaneously because the things to be learnt will be the same in both cases.

Students will have an option of colleges since they will be able to participate in two counsellings ( JOSAA is the counselling conducted ).

3Difference between NATA & JEE ?

NATA & JEE both are exam conducted in India for admitting students into architecture colleges, Difference between both the exams are

  1. JEE mains paper 2 is conducted by MHRD ( Ministry of Human resource and Development ) while NATA is conducted by COA ( Council of Architecture - India ).
  2. NATA syllabus and JEE syllabus varies by 30%.
  3. NATA has 3 drawing questions to be answered and the syllabus contains PCM ( Physics, Chemistry & Math ) apart from Architectural aptitude & Logical Reasoning. While JEE Mains paper 2 has Two Drawing questions with 25 Math Questions, Architectural Aptitude & Reasoning visualization Questions.
4 What are the best colleges for studying Architecture ?

All over India there are many good institutions which are good in a variety of factors & Infrastructure but based on competitiveness of students we can list some of the colleges in India.

  1. SPA Delhi
  2. JJ School of Architecture, Mumbai
  3. CEPT, Ahmedabad
  4. NIT, Trichy
  5. IIT, Roorkee
  6. IIT, Bombay
  7. NIT, Calicut

In Tamilnadu

  1. SAP,Chennai
  2. MEASI,Chennai
  3. TCE, Madurai.
5 Is JEE is tough, will a average student prepare for JEE ?

One cannot judge students whether they can do good in JEE Paper 2 based on their School academics, We have seen students who have score dvery less in School board exams but got into IITs and NITs. Also there are students who are toppers in school have become ineligible in JEE Score.

This JEE Paper 2 ( Architecture ) is different from JEE Mains Paper 1 ( Engineering ).JEE paper 2 does not contain Chemistry and Physics instead you will get drawing and visualization questions which can be performed well even by an average performer in school who is good in the creative side.

6 Will joinning in neram will affect my school studies ?

We give equal importance for school academics and we have designed & Scheduled our class in way that it won’t interfere with school classes, Every week our NATA online class time table differs, we schedule our classes based on student's convenience and also if student was not able to attend the class, they can watch any class recordings from Neram Classes App.

Download Neram Classes App from Play-Store.

7 Can i start learning for NATA after 12th Exams ?

Yes we conduct crash courses after board exams, But students who are attending year-long classes will get more practise than the students who join after Board Exams.Unlike other entrance exams NATA & JEE Paper 2 has drawing questions which has 50% weightage.Drawing cannont be learned from Books, one will be able to draw good only if he/she is practising regularly.Having mentors from neram will boost you practise.

Also Year-long students will be able to perform good in JEE paper 2 ( Attempt 1 ) which will be conducted before 12th board exams.

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